Wednesday, October 3, 2012

7 for 7

"When Sexy Meets Conservative," "Girly Goth," "Lunch to dinner...all in a slick," "Every girl needs the MAXImum" "Raw"- "Chigurupati by Priyanka Chigurupati," "The Passion Dress" - "Chigurupati by Priyanka Chigurupati"

Which one's your fav?
<3 P


Fashionmama said...

Definitely love the palazzo pants look the best. You really do turn fashion into an art form!

Fashionmama said...

Any tips on how to update the look for fall for someone who dresses very conservatively?

Priyanka Chigurupati said...

thanks for the compliment!:)

a simple t shirt with a hip length jacket and an accessory would work for fall!!

or, if its early fall, a t shirt with a scarf neatly wrapped around would work as well!

conservative yet chic! :)