Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Raw" - "Chigurupati," by Priyanka

Outfit # 2

With fashion, I've always been a risk taker. So through "Raw," I've put together two separates- a cropped top and a below the knee A line skirt, into one complete outfit.
I wore it the way it is to a "sun down,"party that started right when the sun was preparing to retire for the day. This was a 'toned,' down outfit (pastels and nude tones throughout) for me considering that most of my ensembles have a statement or two or more. ;)

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, all my designs are about versatility that add worth to your buck. So, check out how I made more use of the "Raw," skirt.

For the day, I layered a beige tank with  military jacket to toughen the look. The brown bucket bag and tan flat wedge shoes in earthy tones added to the 'day,' element.

For the night, I threw on a sheer black tank and cinched it with a waist belt. What really apmed up the look was the statement Murano glass necklace and heavily kohl rimmed eyes. The T-strap sandals added the right amount of bling, while the gold on it  blended in with the gold on the necklace.

Phew! :)

Coming up sooon......more ways to wear the "Raw,"cropped top!

Can you think of more ways to wear the skirt?
<3 P

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