Friday, September 14, 2012

No frills, no fluff

The trick behind having an individualistic style is to try everything that you might think might work.

For a wedding I went to recently, I tried my luck by fusing Spring 2012’s “neon,” trend into Indian clothing. Speaking of Indian clothing, I know for a fact that I was not made for the super traditional looks….at all! 
(Read- Dress for your body type!) I always favor Georgettes, Chiffons and their derivatives.  This time, I tried wearing a “no frill or fluff,” neon parrot green saree with a purple polka dot blouse (remember ThePassion Dress?”). 

Again, on paper, I never thought it would work but,

Not too bad huh?

A long gold necklace with vintage stones added more of a contrast so I kept my hair simple and make up, natural. :)

Done and done!

<3 P


Anonymous said...

Priyanka, How do you manage to shop for such unique sarees and gorgeous blouses in the United States?! Any tips/ideas for your readers :) ?

Priyanka Chigurupati said...

I actually moved back to India a few months ago so it's actually very easy for me now. However, for anybody outside the country, the easiest way would be to buy them online. There are a few websites that cater to people living outside the country. In fact, the e-commerce for Uniquestyle11 will be up in a few months and hopefully, you will like some of my designs. :)

Aishwarya said...

I love that you used the fabric from the dress for a blouse as well. That dress is gorgeous! and I love the sari/blouse combo as well :-) ~Aish