Saturday, July 14, 2012


Romance- That was the first word that popped into my head when I saw this Ivory satin off shoulder dress with a back tie by Pernia Qureshi

The dress was so pretty and being on a white streak, I was instantly drawn to it. So I bought it. 

The dress arrived. I tried it on. I looked like a shiny balloon. Courtesy- the satin and the silhouette of the dress. NOT the look I was going for. 

P's tip- The billowy look is tricky for women with a chest to pull off. Unless really well made,i.e less fabric= more structure for this silhouette, stay away! 

Disappointed, I wasn't sure what to do....until I spoke to a friend who promised to get the dress dyed to peacock blue. While that didn't happen the way it was supposed to, it did however turn into a nice metallic Bamiyan Blue. Color- Check. Silhouette? Simple...I pulled the back ties of the dress around my waist to give it some shape. Done!

Metallic green shoes by Bottega Veneta ,a clutch I found somewhere on the streets of Soho and a sleek ponytail  finished my look.


I think yes.

<3 P

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