Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flowers and Leoprards

I've had a balloon skirt with a flower print for a while but always thought it was way too "cute," for me to pull off....until now. A girly girl would have probably worn a cute tank with it but I went to the other extreme and  paired it with a leopard printed top. 
It was a real dark look.  To exacerbate the look even further, I wore cut out brogues and wore a "hair choker." (Yes, I am weird...but hey, it worked!)

I still felt that the look fell a bit flat so I wore a "wear it your own way necklace," as an armlet. Smokey eyes and a nude lip completed my look.


Simple concept of mixing prints....but look what the right accessorizing and make up can do!

<3 P

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