Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Art of Fashion...and other things

I went to an art show last night. Completely unlike me coz the only form of art I understand and invest time in is the "art of fashion."

I was trying to analyze a painting of a human face which was basically an amalgamation of slimy snake like creatures with some other creatures as the eyes and more random patterns as the hair. When my friend asked me what I thought of that painting, I said "It reminds me of outfit!"

 Just a coincidence. :D....

Check out the mirrored inverted triangle necklace. 

My mother saw me she said,"OMG, what an eyesore!"

Somebody at the art show said, "You look like a piece of art!" (in a good or bad way - who knows?)

I said, "I do! Just like the crazy head painting in the exhibit that clearly is an "acquired taste." Just like me! ;)

<3 P :) :)

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