Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When returning to just the basics works..

Sometimes, simplicity takes you a long way. Case in point, my ensemble for a dinner tonight- A simple (in theory, yes but the 50's silhouette takes it a step further) polka dot dress with  Noir pumps and a Burgundy envelope clutch was the 'complete,' look.  I  wasn't really in the mood for any of my usual frills so I stayed away from my accessory closet. Sometimes, a gal just needs to tone it down. ;)

Toning down doesn't necessarily equal plain and boring. Some of the biggest stylistas  in the world dress in the most basic clothes and still look so put together! Read- Kate Moss for super simple yet unbelievably chic personal style.

However though, I felt a little naked without my usual jazz (statement jewelry, pops of color etc). So, to add a little bit of myself to the look, I wore my hair in a three tiered ponytail which challenged the otherwise bland look with its bold silhouette. 

...And it worked. :) At least, I was content.

P's tip- If you're not into experimenting with your hair but want to add a little something to elevate your look, try a bright lip color. Red, Burgundy or even Purple!

<3 P

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Jala said...

Obsessed with polka dots Pri!!!