Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A dress reversal

Personal style is all about experimenting. From crop tops to a crazy mix of prints to heelless shoes, I've tried everything in phases. Currently, I'm in a "class it up by dressing in super feminine, curve flattering dresses." Two nights in a row, I wore sophisticated knee length dresses that my dad would consider his money well spent. ;)

My aunt, 5 0' tall loves shopping at Talbots which is one of the very few stores that has a good range of clothing for petite women. Whenever I visit her, going to the store is a ritual. Usually a store that I checked off as "old people/ super conservative,' it catered perfectly to my latest obsession. I fell in love with the dress instantaneously because it was black, white and had polka dots (more obsessions). It was perfect! When I realized that they were out of 'womens,' sizes, I did the next best thing. I ran over to the petite department and tried on a 2P, which fit like a glove. Yes, it was a little bit shorter that I would have liked it to be, but eitherway, I loved it.

My aunt found nothing she liked but for me, the trip to the store was well worth it :)

To dress up a day dress, I wore a dressy sea weed necklace and brightened the look with a red lip and a maroon envelope clutch.

When you dress up, there's obviously manyyy pictures involved yes? :-p

PS- If you check out the dress on the website, you'll realize that it was designed to be a high neck dress for the day. By simply turning the dress around, I managed to make it more of an evening look with the necklace. :) (+ the v neck is more flattering)

<3 P