Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tribal Fever x 2

I was never a huge fan of crazy prints but lately, I've been warming myself towards them. When strong prints are combined with earthy tones and warm colors, the result is usually muted but by adding a little something that's "you," you're creating "your," style.

I have three simple guidelines that help me define my personal style. 1) Make as much use of my wardrobe as I can; recycle my closet and 2) Take outfits from day to night by adding/removing something.
3) Create a contrast within the same outfit.

 Keeping that in mind, I wore the same dress two different ways on the same day.

For lunch with friends, I put on a Scarlet vest over a toned town tribal printed dress for an instant pop. After all, summer has arrived in India and its time for the colors to come out! The black cut out wedges are edgy but the neutral color balances them out. 
For a birthday dinner later that night, I threw on multiple statement necklaces and wore spiked earrings as brooches.

Ecru colored brogues with an otherwise feminine look ( curve complementing dress, messy bun and simple make up) created the contrast I mentioned above.   

My favorite part? Both the looks are perfectly apt for any time of the day (or night)!

P's tip- Tribal prints are usually strong. They work the best with simple shapes that complement your body type and accessories made with natural materials in earthy tones like wooden bangles.

Try it yourself! (Click here for a bunch of super affordable options)
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pragnya said...

me likey!

Anonymous said...

Ur blog is lovely!! love ur play wit colors n all d options u giv with one single object!