Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dots in Tradition

Looking 'different,' whether good or bad is my primary fashion funda. So when I saw Masaba's sarees, I fell in love and had to buy one. Masaba's sarees are so 'traditional India,'  in silhouette and fabrics , yet super contemporary in colors and prints. Very obviously, this was bait I could not resist.

One of my favorites was a beautiful red and white saree with big black polka dots. So I swiped my card yet again and....

Love the red against the white and black! And the polka dots....well, you know my obsession with them :-p.  

I wanted to keep the focus on my statement saree so I kept my hair simple with a side bun which I later undid a little bit to make my look less rigid.
Simple diamond earrings, a washed out silver bangle and clutch  finished my look. 

 Me likey!
<3 P


Sindhura said...

I really like the saree blouse too!

Priyanka Chigurupati said...

thanks sindhura! its actually an inverted A sleeve that i twisted and pinned and pulled down a little bit to look the way it does :-p

charan said...

nice saree...superb smile

Priyanka Chigurupati said...