Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stripes for Spring

 Linear lines were the backbone of stripes for Spring 2012. They came in multiple forms; skirts, tops, blazers, vests and a plethora of accessories. When linear stripes marry a lady like silhouette, i.e. a pencil skirt, the most obvious thing to do is to try the trend!  I recently started to understand the magic (yes, magic) of pencil skirts on women with curves. Not only do they elongate the body but also conceal problem areas (i.e.hips and thighs) while still looking chic. Pencil skirts need not be restricted to dinners and work. Add a little twist and....

For a fun day time look, I wore a striped, high waisted pencil skirt with a cropped top with short sleeves. Studded bangles, a chunky watch and cut out wedges (which added an edge) completed my look. 

P's tip- If you want to wear horizontal stripes in an area  you think isn't your prized asset (for example, hips and/or thighs for skirts and a boy shaped body for tops) wear an additional something that will drive attention away from it. (With my look, the cropped top brings focus to the waist)

Stripes? Yes. Vertical? Diagonal? Nah..ah... It's either horizontal or nothing at all this season!
<3 P


Anonymous said...

aren't lines linear by definition? I'm confused

Unique Style said...

All straight lines are linear. not diagonal lines etc.