Monday, December 19, 2011

Animal Magnetism

Wild animal prints have come roaring back into the fashion scene this season. Why wouldn't they right? After all the success they've seen in the recent past, they've clawed their way back onto everything, right from dresses to bags and even hosiery!

Completely bored with the insipid black panty hose, I decided to add life to my tights this season. Polka dots were a huge hit with my knee length dresses and even mullet skirts!

Next on the list? Zebra prints!

The teal color of the dress tames down the look but very evidently, the biker jacket raises the "wild," notch by several levels. So fierce!

P's tip: If you're a tame  person (;)) start off with animal printed leggings with a simple t shirt. Once you're confident enough to get a little wild, buy yourself some fierce leggings.

<3 P

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