Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Thanks" Giving

Thank god for Thanksgiving weekend! For my much deserved break, my family and I flew to San Juan, Puetro Rico. After weeks of wearing layers over layers, it was such a relief to put on bathing suits, shorts, flip flops and open toed sandals. A beachy atmostphere calls for lighter colors and pastel tones. So for this trip, I decided to make "blue," my primary color. Why?
That's why! During the hours I spent on the beach, I lounged around in yoga shorts that I wore as a beach cover up.

If you've been following my previous posts, you probably already know that my family is into Food and Wine. We went to some of the best restaurants in San Juan and I tried to dress the part. I pulled out a new pair of white, high waisted Diane Von Furstenberg shorts and wore it with an old BCBG billowy top tucked and cinched in. I was so thrilled to wear a new pair of Bottega Veneta sandals I bought the weekend before.

After a few days of having mojitos for breakfast, guacamole-laden burgers for lunch, and daily doses of flan it seemed like I had consumed a week's worth of calories in just one long weekend - guess I was keeping in the spirit of a gluttonous Thanksgiving holiday!  Now was the perfect time to pull out my comfortable palazzo pants and black tank from Zara.

Speaking of simple black tanks, my cousin who was with me on the trip put together a beachy yet chic night time ensemble which I loved! All she did was wear a black (very dinner appropriate) maxi skirt (very atmosphere appropriate) with a black tank. Being a stylista doesn't look too hard does it?

P's tip: If you're trying to pull off a black maxi skirt at night, avoid a heel unless the hem of the skirt meets the base of the shoe.

Anyway, I'm back in New York and its time to bring the "black," on. ;)
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Anonymous said...

Great blog Priyanka. When are you doing special for guys? -NM

Unique Style said...

As soon as I start to learn about mens wear NM ;)

pragnya said...

Love this entry! The shoes r to die for!!! Gimme :D