Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to New Years Eve..ning dress- "Just Hot"

I've crossed that stage when I thought "hot," and skin were positively correlated. Umm, Positive? Not so much. Over the years, I've learnt vicariously and through personal experience that being hot is in the mind. However, putting together something that makes you feel hot helps. My favorite "feel hot," ensemble?

Remember that one super expensive sequin dress you wore eons ago but never wore again simply because it was way too obvious to repeat? (No real stylista would....unless she wore it so nobody would find out ;)) 
Time to dig it out of your closet! Buy yourself a sweater or a slinky silk top (if you live in a warmer country) with some shimmer and throw it over your dress. 

The trick to my outfit is to balance the sleeves with a v neck to up the "sexy." 

A red lip and show stopping shoes...and you're set!

P's tip: If you love black as much as I do, a red lip is guaranteed to make you feel "just hot!"

Waiting to hear what theme you picked!
<3 P

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