Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Count down to New Years Eve..ning dress!

Deciding on the perfect New Years Eve dress/outfit is one of the hardest decisions a fashion conscious girl has to make in the year. Tell me I'm wrong and I'll tell you you're not a stylista. After doing all the hard work, I've come up with a fool proof solution to make "THE," decision.

Steps to find your perfect NYE dress!
1) First, analyze your body type. Hourglass? Pear? Rectangular? Inverted triangle?

2) Decide on a theme you're comfortable with; Sexy, Chic, Elegant, Trendy or just pure hot!

3) Think about whether you want to splurge on that one statement dress or whether you want to save on the dress (dig your closet!) and buy some accessories instead.

4) Set a budget.

5) Go shopping! (My favorite part)

6) Always keep several options in hand. You can always return the rest (make sure you buy from stores that have a full refund policy)

7) Have you're girl friends and/or guy friends over and have a little fashion show! (Champagne is a must!)

8) Once you pick an outfit, decide on the perfect complements; shoes, a clutch and jewelry.

9)You have the perfect outfit. All you need now is a ton of confidence!! Go make your effort worthwhile! :)
Keep an eye out for my picks!
Good Luck!!!
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