Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shoes shoes, yummy shoes!

I just realized that shoes are partially the reason for my existence.

Do you have that "one thing," that makes your heart skip a beat when you look at it for the first time? Fresh cookies? A Bugatti Veyron? Yet another version of the I phone? For me, a good shoe does that and much much more! Sitting in front of the monitor and typing the letters of the multiple shoe blogs and websites I follow is me inviting a stroke. (If you ever find me dead in front of the computer, you know the reason now).

Thanks to Tommy Ton's life saving photography, a click on my Toshiba takes me to paradise. Shoe Paradise obviously. Here's some of my favorite, most coveted shoes finds from around the globe.

Shoes, as all you stylistas know can make a world of a difference. So they're basically an investment right? Pieces of art that you can look at and adore and pass on to many many generations ahead.

Right now, I am obsessing over the Jeffery Campbell collection for Urban Outfitters. You gotta love collaborations  for the very reason that they're relatively light on the wallet. What's a couple extra dollars for a foot makeover anyway!

My Urban Oufitters wish list   (could be your reality..just a swipe away ;))
Under $100!

Under $300
So many choices! Wonder what my Santa is going to give me for Christmas. 
<3 P

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