Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seduced by the Harem

I learned something today that I am ashamed I did not know earlier. Harem pants (Parachute pants) originated in India! My mother land! In India they are called "Patyalas," and are worn under a long tunic called a "kurti." Traditional harem pants are large and baggy.

The contemporary version, also known as the "hammer," pants are more narrow, although far from being "fitted." They simply skim your thighs without hugging them, thereby creating a slimming look. 

P's tips: You look your slimmest when the fabric of your garment skims your body instead of sticking to it. If its too loose you're definitely looking like you ate an extra piece of chocolate pie (or three) for dinner the night before. Remember...SKIM!

Today, I revisited Spring/Summer 2009's new pant silhouette and dissed all the "fashion rules," about complementing harem pants with only tailored tops by wearing a gorgeous bright red billowy top with my ever favorite accessory...a chunky belt that always pulls an entire outfit together (especially if you're curvy like I am).

P's tip: To up the chic factor, always wear a high heel with harem pants. The higher, the better. (My T strap sandals were circa 5.25 inches)

2 easy steps to a fab harem look:
Step 1: Get inspired at VOGUE.
Step 2: Shop em!

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