Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cozy Caramel

I can't decide if I like the cold or not. The weather in New York has been averaging about 55F which isn't cold enough to pull out a puffer jacket and neither is it warm enough to wear a thin coat or a fleece. The perfect solution?

Layering! It's a simple, one word answer. On a 60F(16 c) morning, I decided to wear my "trendy," avatar just so I could try wear my new shoes that I had been craving. (Yes, I took the plunge ;))

A Buff colored wooden heel like the one on this shoe had to be matched with something else in my outfit so I wore high waisted shorts and a striped shirt to add some real color. Knee length socks and a skinny belt, both in shades of brown completed my look. The rich, luxurious caramel hues are sexy while still being understated.

To make it more season appropriate, I wore a baggy sweater (that I bought in XL to layer) as outerwear. :)...With the 6 inch heel on the shoe and the weather, my outfit was "Fall," appropriate. Get it? ;)

P's tip: Knee/ Thigh high socks can be tricky. Always make sure that you're covering up on top (with something not skin tight) if you're showing some leg. Try to limit the distance between the hem on your bottom and the beginning of the socks to about 2-3 inches.

What do you think?
<3 P

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