Sunday, November 27, 2011

Charity Mix

I don't do a lot of fancy stuff like attend charity events and go for wine tastings. I'm more of a "chill in a nice lounge," with a glass of champagne and/or "let me over dress and go crazy at a bar on the lower east side," kinda girl. This weekend, my friend Sunaina and I went to "Raise Cache," a benefit fashion show for Hack NY. The website said "dress to impress," so at first I was going to go all out and wear something super "Priyanka;" fashionable but very OTT for the event. Unfortunately, I was a bit too exhausted to put spend an hour in front of the mirror so I literally took two minutes to put on...

Very Eclectic! (Also, I desperately need a new camera)

Recreate the look! (from your closet)
1) Printed top (horizontal?)
2) Patterned pants or anything that's not a solid color
3) Voila! You're done!

<3 P


SILVIA said...

beautiful outfit & post!
love your style =P


Unique Style said...

thank you! :)