Monday, November 14, 2011

Big tops on big dots

Sometimes, fashion faux pas are bound to thwart your otherwise successful streak of fab outfits.

So today, I made a bum of a faux pas. I wore an oh-so short and tight (relatively ;)) dress to work which apparently shrunk a size in the dryer (there's no way 2-3 mini Crunch bars for dinner everyday can have effect on the weighing scale right? At least I hope they don't) with big polka dot leggings. As usual, I was running late to work so I woke up, put the first dress in sight (I usually plan out my outfit the night before but mid terms have taken their toll on me) and tried to be vamp up my otherwise plain outfit with patterned leggings.

At work, when I got a chance to look at myself in a mirror, I was appalled. WTH was I wearing?! The chocolate bars made their way through my dress and appeared everywhere! I had a good mind to excuse myself for a while, go home and change but with the usual "day of death," situation in the PR closet, I had to work with what I had. Through out the day, my hands were on the hem of my dress trying to pull it down to save myself from the looking like I forgot to wear my pants. Did not work. Totally desperate, I requested my boss if I could borrow an old black sweater from the men's collection for the day and threw it on.

My outfit was craving a little add on to match my "stylista," bosses. So my feet dragged me to the shoe closet. Clearly, working in the PR closet has its benefits.

And that's just the diffusion line. The "real goodies," are on the wall adjacent to their "mass," buddies. Shoes, and an accessory boost from a watch I found in my bag (looks like not cleaning out my purse has its benefits) did the trick for me for the day.

I got a lot of eyes that day. Good or bad, I owned my look.

<3 P

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