Thursday, October 20, 2011

White wash it!

"White," in China, Japan & India means mourning. In the west, it's a color of celebration. In fashion, it clearly means"chic. Proof?? Check out some of my favorite ensembles from the New York, Spring 2012 runway! Chado Ralph Rucci, Jenny Packham, NAHM and Victoria Beckham. Sooo yummy right?

While one of the biggest cons of "white washing it," is the added pounds (lets be real now...everybody looks heavier in white), I've started to look at the positive side of the trend. Chic. Any form of white is pure chic! Check out my look!

On my curvy body type (with long legs), high waisted pants and a simple tank top is chic and flattering.

P's tips: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do a "light test," before stepping out. Sheer whites can turn out to be a major faux pas in the wrong lighting.

The right white for your body type? Check out my "White wash your year!"

Later peeps!
<3 P

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