Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twice as nice!

If you don't know already, shopping is tantamount to my nutrition. It's the same thing really. Healthy intakes make me feel happy and indulging in both makes me enjoy the immediate benefits but make me regret a few days/weeks (when I get my credit card statement and when I tip the scale at over my regular weight).

Last week I decided to go on a diet. A low cal shopping diet, that restricts swiping my credit card and visiting my ATM machine. Hardest diet I've tried ever. So, I started recycling my closet....again. This time, I took my carrot colored v neck Calvin Klein inspired dress from day to night (I'm pretty good at that btw!).

Day to...

 All it took was a shirt and a belt to create two completely different looks.

Easy right?
<3 P

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