Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Sheathy," Scarlet

I know fashion is all about evolution but sometimes, you don't want to move on! Who cares as long as the trends you're stuck onto are this gorgeous right?

I'm taking about the latest obsession with two trends; sheath dresses and Scarlet fever. As if each of these trends isn't enough to turn eyes by itself, the combination of the two are plain "lust worthy!"

They're everywhere!
Princess Beatrice

Nicole Richie

Ali Later

Which stylista wouldn't want to try one out herself after looking at these how beautiful they looked on these women right? So, I did!

I've always been partial to sheath dresses because of their versatility. I haven't worn mine out yet, but I'm sure it's going to be seen a lot on me; formal events, dinners, drinks and maybe even meetings! It's all about accessorizing well.

Recreate the look!
Top heavy?  Calvin Klein cowl neck belted sheath dress
Curvy? Adrianna Papell pleated sheath dress

Go out and buy your own!
<3 P

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