Monday, October 3, 2011


I did talk about mixing prints in my earlier posts. I was in India for my mom's 50th bday this week and normally, I would have made a hundred visits to my multiple meccas in NYC to find the perfect dress. (Who wouldn't right?) This time though, I decided to recycle my closet. Afterall, why preach if you cant practice?

I wore a BCBG bubble dress that I bought for New Year 2009 and threw on my new fav blazer from Betsey Johnson.  Although the reds clashed a little bit, it WORKED! ;) (At least, I think so :D)

Whatja think?
<3 P


stg136 said...

You look goregous!!!!!! Love it - A for effortlessly fab!

Unique Style said...

thank you!