Friday, October 7, 2011

Look who stole my look!

I was browsing a couple websites today when I came across this picture of Pippa Middleton. I immediately recognized the dress....because I own it! It's a BCBG dress that was in stores, Spring 2011.

Pippa, I'm flattered we have a similar taste because according to fashion critics, you're somebody now.

See how you work the same dress on two different body types? I'm more curvy so I wore a belt to create some shape and left the rest of the styling simple. Pippa on the other hand is more athletic so she rocked a biker jacket.

PS- That's the only picture of myself that I had in that dress. Ignore the coconut. :-p
<3 P!


Unknown said...

does she know you to steal your look?

Unique Style said...

yep, we're practically bff's!