Monday, October 10, 2011

Burst of fashion

The crux of "fashion?" Eccentricity! All it takes to make a double digit ($$) dress, multiply in value is to add pieces of the designer's personal form of eccentricity to it.

A black v neck t shirt is considered "simple," at best. Throw on epaulettes and it's now considered "fashion forward."

It's actually pretty simple to convert an everyday look into something more. Add your own touch to create your burst of fashion.

I managed to create my own version of the Spring 2012 trend, "Bursts of fashion," by pulling out my Paillette Bolero that I've had in my closet for months! So glad I finally put some use to it. :D Totally amped up a simple nude dress. :)

P's tips: Shoulder pads, Epaulettes, Heavy beading, Big embellishments, Fringe detailing...all, different elements to take you're outfit a notch above "simple."

Recreate the look!

Go have fun with your closet!
<3 P

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