Friday, September 9, 2011

White wash your year!

White after labor day? Hell yeah! 
One of my biggest pet peeves with fashion is this silly 'rule,' about not wearing white after labor day. Seriously? I'm gonna wear only black or pink or green from September through December? Yeah right! In fact, the first thing I did the day after labor day was wear an all white ensemble. You should too!!
Khloe Kardashian
P's tip: Sure, white is not the most flattering color on every body type. Make it work! Remember the different body types?

Banana: Asos Reverse Baby doll dress and J Crew Tangerine Blazer. For your shape, baby doll dresses are your best friends.  
Pear: Romeo & Juliet Couture Maxi skirt and J Crew Tank top (pastel shades would work) to enhance your upper body.
Apple: J Crew Skinny jeans, Eileen Fisher white tank top, J Crew Tangerine Blazer to give your shoulders structure and your outfit, a pop of color
Hour glass: Asos maxi dress. Cinch your waist to add shape.

Find your style!

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