Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pre fall, Fall, Spring...they're all the same!

So, fall has officially begun and its almost time to bring out out fall fashions. We, on the east coast (New York) still have about a fortnight to bring out our fall jackets and stockings. Until then, keep the spring styles going! :) My "transition into prefall," style? Stripes over stripes!

While on my daily visit to, I came across this picture from Derek Lam's diffusion line "10 Crosby Derek Lam," from his Spring 2012 collection.
10 Crosby Derek Lam- Spring 2012

I felt quite intuitive this morning. Apparently, Derek Lam and I think alike. :p (In my little bubble called "world," I'm quite an "Anna Wintour  meets Nina Gracia in China town")

P's tip:
Curvy? Avoid horizontal stripes and stick to vertical and/or diagonal stripes.  
Tall, Average or Short, wear pants with vertical stripes to elongate your legs.

Recreate the look! (for $55!)
Henry Cotton's casual pants & striped shirt from Mossimo Supply

Stripin out for now!

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