Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crop it out!

The next big trend coming back? The cropped top look! I personally love this trend because its a perfect concoction of sexy and stylish. Visual attestation by upcoming designers like Bill Blass, Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang is reassuring of course. ;)

The trick to this look is to show the right amount of skin without putting it all out there.

The cobalt blue palazzo pants play off a cropped maroon turtle neck. The extra wide legged pants balance the little skin show. While you are going to have eyes on you, they're only going to look at you for the style quotient. Believe me! ;)

P's tips:  
  • A little nervous to show off your mid riff? Pair your top over a t shirt like Kate Bosworth 
Kate Bosworth
  • If you're a jeans/ leggings girl, wear your top in your regular way but pair with high waisted jeans like Diane Kruger   
Diane Kruger
  • Daring and fit enough to show off your mid riff? THIS is your time. Do it the Sarah Jessica Parker way! (Love Love Love!!!!! Sigh!..If only I had the motivation to turn my house into a gym :p)
Sarah Jessica Parker

Recreate the trend!
  • Heavy on top? You're best option is to complement flared pants or a maxi skirt with this fitted top from American Apparel
  • Lighter on top?  You can try a variety of styles like this Floral tie crop top from Topshop and  3/4th sleeve Lace top from Topshop with harem pants, high waisted shorts or just simple wide legged jeans

Write soon!
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