Saturday, September 3, 2011

Androgyny: "Oh so appealing!"

If I was asked to describe my style in a few words, one of them would undoubtedly be Androgynous. The androgynous look for women works when you wear masculine pieces of clothing with feminine complements.

In February, when designers showed their fall 2011 collections, blazers, vests, hats, slouchy jeans, extra billowy (or big) shirts, harem pants and pant suits walked down the runways. I for one fell in love. So did these lovely ladies...

The deep V neck oozes sex appeal and balances out the otherwise masculine pant suit.
Kim Kardashian
So deelish!! The nude Louboutin's complement the length of the rolled up jeans.

It's this easy..

The fitted black top, pink belt and the green case bag add femininity to the otherwise tough look. Yes, that is a bag around my waist! :D I did get the weirdest of looks but who cares right? Rules are meant to be broken!

 Key pieces? Deconstructed boyfriend jeans and sky high heels!

 P's tip: If you're curvy, balance out the loose fit of the jeans with a fitted top.
 If you're lighter on the curves, you could also wear loose t shirt but heels are a must!! ;)

Talk soon!

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