Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Fashion rules to break NOW!!

"Rules? What rules???" When you're a stylista or are aspiring to be one, you make your own rules....;)  
  • Match it up!                                                                                            
Monochromatic silhouette have flawless elegance!" - Anna Molinari, Blumarine designer. Nuff said! I am a huge advocate of the monochromatic look. Its the easiest way to make you look slimmer and chic while setting a style statement.
 P's tip- To start off, try something super simple like white pants and a white tank. Accessorize with nude shoes and a nude bag (I'm thinking off white?) and you're set!!
Penelope Cruz in Bottega Venneta
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  • Red during the day (Nope, not talking about apparel)
Who said that going OTT (Over the top) was a sin? When you're a stylista, it is pretty much mandatory for you to be OTT (once in a while? Nah!). Red is hot with the sun up or down. Red lips can take you from looking blah to boom! During fashion week, I dressed up my all black outfit with a smear of red across my lips (and so did a co-stylista ;)). 
 P's tip: You must find a shade of red that suits your skin color. Keep you're eyes and cheeks neutral to make your lips stand out.
How to wear?

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  • Daytime Sequin
Who said that sequins are too much for the day? Too much? Well, it could  be a wee bit OTT to wear head to toe gold/silver sequin but a touch of sequin can never go wrong. Glamor 24/7!
 P's tip: Start off with a fabulous black sequin blazer and complement with a white tank and black/white skinny jeans. Keep the accessories and shoes simple.
Beyonce in black sequin shorts

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  • Shop in the mens & kids sections
Okay, so this might sound a bit off to most of you but its surprising how fabulous mens clothing can look on a woman. With today's burgeoning interest in tapping the kids market, designers like Burberry and Stella Mc. Cartney are whipping out some fabulous pieces at a fraction of their womens wear prices. At the end of the day, if it fits..... Who cares if you're shopping at Baby Gap or at Nordstrom's men's section?

P's tip- Look for oversized t shirts, deconstructed t shirts, xtra large button downs and blazers (smaller sizes obviously) in the men's sections and cute blazers that you can wear as tops from the kids sections. 

Wear the bubble dress (listed below) as a top tucked into a pair of  high waisted jeans. 
Throw on the sweatshirt (listed below) over a pair of ripped jeans or leggings and complement with peep toe booties!
Rihanna rocking a men's button town
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  •  Mix it up! Black & Brown can actually work 
 Most people shy away from wearing seal brown and black but using different shades of brown can actually work! 
 P's tip-  Make sure the shade of brown isn't too overwhelming on your skin tone. Start off with a pair of gorgeous shoes if you're skeptical. 
Tan & Black is an easy combination
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Ready to break some rules? I am!
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