Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joy for Jumpsuits!

Like I mentioned before, trends never go away. They're merely recycled. Personally, I don't stick to trends. In my own little world, I create them ;).

I LOVE jumpsuits. I don't really use superlatives (at least, I'm trying not to) but I truly do love jumpsuits. My friend Sunaina once said "Pri, you probably have enough jumpsuits to outfit a whole prison!"  Guilty as charged!! :D

Although Jumpsuits are so last season (Spring/ Summer 2011), they're always fabulous. A jumpsuit worn well is super chic and accentuates the part of a woman's body that she's most confident about, provided she wears a style that suits her. Here are some celebs (or their stylists) who clearly don't get it!

Mugdha Godse

Chanel Iman in Stella Mc.Cartney

Sophie Choudry
Repeat offender!!
We share the same name so its hard for me to bash on her but PC, C'mon! Too short for the fabric, hanging fabric at the lap area (1), too much of flare (2) and a length that's way too long (3). With the best stylists at your footstep and such a fab body, you can definitely do better!

                       Priyanka Chopra

They get it!!!
Kim Kardashian

Neha Dhupia
Sonam Kapoor in Stella Mc.Cartney
JLO in Zuhair Murad

   Jumpsuits for your body type!  
  • Pear- Do accentuate your torso with sleeveless/ halters. Avoid wearing loose fitting bottoms.
  • Banana- Do try harem styles/ cuffed bottoms. Avoid prints.
  • Apple- Do wear flared styles with a fitted bandeau. Avoid halters or shoulder pads.
  • Hourglass- Do accentuate your waist with interesting belts. Avoid shorter styles.
  • Petite- Do wear horizontal stripes and sky high heels.  Avoid flared/ billowy styles .
  • Plus size- Do wear darker colors and light fabrics (chiffon, cotton). Avoid heavy fabrics (knits) or fabrics that stick to your body (silk). 
Looking forward to check out how YOU worked your jumpsuit!! (Feature your pictures/links in the comment box :)) 
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Swathi said...

I always loved jumpsuits but could never find the right one! so never bothered to get one...will keep the above in mind next time :)

swetha said...

swetha:could u post some link for the pear shaped,i want to see wat exactly it looks lyk!btw ..loved ur blog

Unique Style said...

Hey Swetha! I'm sorry for the late reply but I saw the comment right now. Here's an example of a jumpsuit for a pear shape.


Hope it helps!:) Keep the comments coming!