Friday, November 5, 2010

Introducing "UniqueStyle"

So, this blog is just an introduction to what 'fashion,' is all about. To most of you, who are new to the whole world of fashion, let me explain the basic difference between two of the most commonly used terms.

Fashion is a style that is accepted and used by a majority of a group at any one time, no matter how big or small that group is.

Style, which is often confused with the term 'fashion,' is actually a characteristic or distinctive appearance of a garment or a person which makes it or the person unique.

Every girl and every woman has her own personal style and she is drawn towards the same or similar pieces of clothing when she's out shopping. Most of the time, we tend to buy stuff and never wear them because there really is no right occassion. Through my blog, I will show you how your style can be manupulated by using the clothes and accessories you already have or by buying simple and reasonably priced add ons.
I will post a few pictures every week to show you what my style is and how I am mixing and matching my wardrobe. 

PS- my biggest rule- do NOT follow trends. Be the trendsetter!!

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